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Web designs to hug your eyes!
Because an attractive design doesn't last,
it must be clingy too.

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Go down, I don't bite..

I will digitize your world . . .

I love exposing good ideas, creating something that will leave a long impression. To fulfill my goal, I combine the power of web design and web development. Building your online presence from ground up.

I have worked extensively on back-end technologies, maintaining an up-to-date experience to deliver the right tools for your project. Combined with a powerful frond-end expertise that provides simple, yet utilized interface.

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Let your ideas shout quietly..

I thrive to deliver a strong user-experience through my designs that will engage browsing humans, creating the publicity needed, and ensuring a lower bounce rate.

We humans love colors and attractive designs!

But we also tend to like things that make sense.. Which is why a good design can only go so long, A user-interface loves to dance with user-experience, but when you're falling out of tempo, it's a mess.

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UI is the tip of the iceberd, UX is whats the hidden beneath

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A great design and strong user-experience can only take you so far..

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Design isn't everything, marking a strong digital existence requires a set of technical skills and understanding of what a Search Engine needs, thus I will employ the latest SEO skills to assert new waves of incomers!

Circual hallow shape for design

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Who am I?

Hello, I am

Khaled Kadoura, a Software Engineer with Web Designer.

I am a passionate and experienced software engineer, highly regarded for launching innovative web solutions and implementing digital systems that streamline processes for efficiency. Leverages user-experience to deliver a high-value and cultivate eye-catching digital content. Solid technical background with a demonstrated knowledge of numerous frameworks, programming languages and database systems.

Core Skills

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User-Experience Design

Enriching user satisfaction by matching user's mental model


Creating blueprints for your ideas

Frontend Development

Developing a rich and interactive UI that utilised recent technologies

Backend Development

Providing creative solutions to your complex ideas

RESTful Services and APIs

Building on top of other systems or for other systems and scalability

Software Engineering

Detailing and modeling your requirements to ensure highest quality

Accessibility Optimization

Delivering highly accessible content to ensure no user is left out

Search Engine Optimization

Enriching your content to give you a lead on search results


Qatar University Sep 2014 - Jan 2017
Master of Science in Computing – Information Systems Computer Science
Thesis: Queueing theory-based Kubernetes AutoScaler (Cloud Computing)

Qatar University Sep 2008 - Jan 2013
Bachelor of Computing – Computer Science and Engineering
Graduation Project: Android App optimizing SAP for VOIP group call, and event scheduling


  • Dean's List for Academic Excellence – Four-time recipient
  • Best Senior Graduation Project – Second Place

Certifications or Additional Education:

  • Testing in React: ReactDay Berlin 2019
  • Web Accessibility Standards: Mada 2017


Khaled Kadoura face


2021 - Present

Gymondo GmbH: Berlin, Germany

Fullstack Engineer

2019 - 2021

Architrave GmbH: Berlin, Germany

Software Engineer

Working as a frontend-specialist Software Engineer within a T-shaped cross-functional team to deliver a SaaS product that digitizes the Real Estate industry and streamline its processes.
As a team, we have embraced Agile Scrum methodology to help us deliver a high-quality product that delivers high value to customers.

  • Worked with team on architecting and building Next-Generation Product into microservices deployable on AWS cloud.
  • Collaborated on building a React mobile-first webapp, enabling accessibility on the go; setting the ground work for Next-Generation products.
  • Delivered features, and tackled technical debt of the legacy application, significantly boosting overall performance and total user-experience
  • Improved test-coverage, by providing unit, integration and system tests; empowering automation to provide a faster and more reliable CI/CD.

2010 - 2019

Qatar University: Doha, Qatar

Senior Digital Communications Specialist 2018 - 2019

Working closely with marketing team to establish and improve online presence, better communicating organizational values and goals.

  • Implement responsive website layout for adaptability across multiple platforms and cross-browser compatibility, catering for a 20% increase of mobile visitors.
  • Redesign over 100 pages on the University’s website to enhance user experience and overall design standards, increasing load speeds by 25%.
  • Devise design best-practices and industry-standard technical guidelines, leading to organic ranking increase in search engines and enhanced accessibility metrics.

Web Designer 2013 - 2018

Developing internal systems integrated into workplace as well as establishing, designing and developing websites.

  • Practice full life-cycle management, developing over 40 user-centric websites from backend to frontend, meeting the latest web standards and saving the university over $60K USD in design and development cost.
  • Developed an integrated digital solutions into the workspace that utilized workflows and productivity, saving $65K in development cost.
  • Establish and migrate the University’s website to a new Enterprise CMS, by creating content-driven customizations, templates, components and reinforcing HTML semantic standards.

Research Assistant 2013 - 2015

Participated in research that focused on merging mobile learning with developing technology, which received funding from QNRF in cooperation with Qatar and Athabasca Universities.

  • Deployed and maintained a web server for the research project, implementing all required security measures and necessary networking solutions.
  • Utilized Wordpress to create a website templates, and provided detailed training to team members.
  • Collaborated with team members to design a Corporate Mobile Learning Android mobile application, providing the overall interface design concept.

Graphic Designer / Web Designer 2010 - 2013

Audited and created digital content, aside of creating web and printed designs.

  • Spearheaded the creation of an Arabic section on the University’s website, earning a 40% increase in traffic.
  • Conceived and developed numerous interactive animations.
  • Created content for posting across digital channels including web banners, advertisements, and logos.
  • Conceptualized designs for more than 50 calendars and newsletters, in addition to marketing collateral for digital and print campaigns such as posters, books, brochures, flyers, and street ads.

2009 - 2019


  • Communicated with clients to determine project scope, identify budgets and project timelines, and delivered results that exceeded expectations.
  • Employed strong technical skills to design and launch web-based apps, and over 20 websites across different development environments.
  • Built a CMS program and applied Open Source Content Management Systems skills to develop websites.
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  • New Forms of Digital Storytelling – General Editors Lab, Istanbul – First Place
  • New Forms of Digital Storytelling – Global Editors Network, Barcelona - Nominee

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